linen, cotton and scatters

From egyptian cotton to scatters

In today’s home the humble cushion is as common place as the chair or sofa it sits upon. Quite simply the easiest and most accessible way to style any living space, cushions are one of the most popular home accessories available.


With over 1000 styles to choose from, scatter cushions to floor cushions, the variation in style is overwhelming in itself let alone material, filling and design. We take you through everything you need to know about finding the perfect cushions for your space. Luxury cushions are now used in everyday society, and are as much a style addition as they are a comfort creator. Used on sofas, chairs, beds, daybeds and floor spaces they can transform a room’s look as well as help create a relaxing living area.


We also do embroidery on linen and pillows to give it that personal touch.